We would like to thank One to Watch for linking us with the young dutch experts, who stayed with us for two days and help us in refining our business concept. They were very helpful in providing us valuable insights to fine-tune our business model. Their expert opinion and hands on mentoring was crucial for us to see the missing dots in our business model. We are now more confident with our concept and quite excited to take it into next level.

 Kushal Gurung, Wind Energy Nepal


We had a great time with our two experts. We would like to thank them for their inputs, feedback and suggestion to our business as well as some future strategy. Especially, our focus on the profitability of the business and developing business case of THE BAZAAR was very beneficial for us. Nevertheless, the two days were too short time wise to come to certain conclusion. It would be nice to have some follow-up works with the experts so that we can bring some implementable steps.

 Tulsi Giri, The Bazaar


It was a great experience to be with two experts in our organization. They helped us with visualizing the whole business in one picture. I can use this for further planning.

 Ritman Gurung, Worldganic Farm House 


We would like to acknowledge our gratefulness to the experts for sharing their knowledge, views, and ideas about the project. During this two days session we got to know about how to and what are the basic factors that need to be considered while preparing a business plan for our farming project. Now, with a sharp vision, we will be working on the plan and letting you know our further steps.

 Niraj Shrestha, Sujal Dairy 


The experience with Dutch Expert was great. We were able to find new insights and look at our business from different perspective due to their ideas and knowledge. We are working on to build upon it.

 Bhuwan KC, Ecoprise/Green City Hospital 


It was a wonderful learning experience to meet Nepali entrepreneurs, discuss their business plans and exchange ideas. I think that the Nepali entrepreneurs and our group learned a lot from each other on both entrepreneurship and management. I’m confident that long lasting relations have been established between consultants and entrepreneurs.

 Maarten van der Schaaf, Dutch expert


My best learning experience was to realise how we as Western people are too busy with planning, organizing and structuring. This journey taught me that you can also just do it.

Thomas Zeegers, Dutch expert


The openness of the entrepreneurs towards us was something that really struck me. They genuinely appreciated our presence and support. We even got invited to a wedding reception!

 Renee van Haaren, Dutch expert