The farm Worldganic combines milk production with (biodynamic) horticulture and the operation of a Waldorf School, (Vrije School in NL). Worldganic is seeking for an investment to acquire more cows, the facilities and knowledge to produce cheese.

5 maart 2014

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The farm Worldganic combines milk production with (biodynamic) horticulture and the operation of a Waldorf School, (Vrije School in NL). Worldganic is seeking for an investment to acquire more cows, the facilities and knowledge to produce cheese.


Liselotte Slagman & Luc Brugman


Rit, Visnu, Sofie, Piema and Babitaa all gave up their jobs to participate in this project, to follow their dream. They are seeking for an investment to:

  1. increase the milk production, because milk generates most profit on this farm;
  2. produce cheese from their own milk, so that the profit will increase significantly;
  3.  acquire knowledge of “how to make cheese”.

Once they have realized the above, they will be able to include “cheese production” into their school program, which is a rare skill. They can fulfill their dream of giving lectures on the Waldorf philosophy, on biodynamics and organic farming, and provide housing for 120 children and volunteers in the winter. Moreover, they will be able to create a self-reliant farm. The biggest challenge is to acquire the knowledge required for cheese production. The market demand far exceeds the available supply of cheese, so it is relatively easy to sell high-quality cheese.


We have made visible what Rit had in mind. In other words; we made a model of how the products and cash flows through the farm, and where the synergies lie. We helped clarify dependencies and identified the more/ less profitable parts of the farm. We explored the thought of producing cheese, and calculations explicified that this would be a solid investment.

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