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3 maart 2014

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Parash Raj Gautam (1984) recently set up a diversified farm in Pokhara, which includes a chicken breeding facility. He has many expansion plans for the farm.


Julia Model & Maarten van der Schaaf


As Parash does not have an agricultural background, he needs technical advice on how to run a professional chicken farm. In addition he’s looking for an investor to scale up his chicken production.


Parash showed us around on his farm and asked us if we could advice him on how he could improve the chicken breeding facility. We discussed several options to improve insulation in order to keep the chickens warm, save natural gas and energy costs. We further inspired him to experiment with organic practices. We also discussed the variety of other plans he has for the expansion of the farm and advised him to calculate how the land can most effectively be used.


Parash is a true entrepreneur who is willing to take risks and experiment. Very inspiring.”

 Maarten van der Schaaf

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