Bajeko Sekuwa

5 maart 2014

  • bajeko sekuwa

Bajeko Sekuwa means ‘Grandfather’s Barbecue’. This restaurant chain owes its name from the grandfather of owner Chetan Bhandari, who started as a street vendor. Now, the restaurant has 5 outlets and wants to grow to 50 outlets.


Aude Molkenboer & Renée van Haaren


Bajeko Sewuka is famous in Kathmandu for its typical Nepalese food. As many Nepali live and work in South-East Asia and the Middle East, owner Chetan Bhandari and operational director Sushil Khadka want to open outlets in these countries through a franchise concept. They also want to set up a goat farm to gain control over their own supply chain. However, they haven’t done extensive research and lack the knowledge of how to implement these plans into a good business plan.


During the two days with Chetan and Sushil, we had breakfast, lunch and dinner at all five restaurants. While enjoying the Nepali Sekuwa, we helped them in defining the plans for the franchise concept: what kind of agreement do they want to make, who is having which responsibilities and which level of control do they want to have? We also came up with some ideas for a marketing plan and a better use of social media, which is necessary for their growth plans.

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